Home repairs on larger home features always feel more daunting. For example, when you have a squeaky hinge on a kitchen cabinet, that repair probably feels like it’s no big deal. After all, it’s just a little hinge! But what about when you face the same issue with your garage door? It’s a much bigger door with a much bigger hinge, and that can make the noise feel like a much harder problem to solve — despite the fact that it’s basically the same problem as fixing a small squeaking hinge. 

Undertaking those repairs doesn’t need to feel daunting. If you’re facing issues with your garage door, the best option is to call your local garage door repair company for guidance. We can help you figure out what the issue is and how to best handle it. Better still, we can help you determine whether your garage door needs some simple repairs, or if it will be best served by a full garage door replacement. For garage door help in Westbury and the surrounding areas, call Danibul today. If you’re looking for more information on garage door repairs versus replacement before you call, read on!


Garage Door Repair vs Replacement

As a homeowner, you don’t want to have to fully replace your garage door. After all, that’s a big undertaking, and could get pricey. It’d be so much easier if you could just have a spring replaced or something, right? We know that’s what most folks hope for when they call us. While it’s going to depend on the issues, the good news is that most garage door issues can typically be fixed with standard repairs. However, in some cases, it may actually be more cost-effective to go through with a full garage door replacement. In order to determine which option is best, consider: 



One of the single biggest factors in choosing replacement over repairs is the age of your garage door — and that means the motor as well as the door itself. Most standard garage doors are made to last roughly 15–20 years. They can last longer, depending on the materials and how well the door is cared for, but you can reasonably expect your garage door to last for a couple of decades. So, if your garage door is struggling to operate and it’s nearing the end of that time range, your garage door may or may not be able to be repaired. And even if it can be repaired, you may want to consider replacement anyway. The age suggests that you’ll be looking at a garage door replacement in the next few years anyway, so making the update now means you don’t have to pay for both repairs and a replacement back to back. 


Extent of Repairs

The other thing your garage door service technician will discuss with you is how much of your garage door needs to be repaired. In some cases, especially circumstances in which damage was left to grow rather than deal with immediately, the repair work needed could be extensive and could pertain to several different elements of your garage door system. If this is the case, it may be more cost-effective to opt for a new garage door installation instead of the extensive repairs needed. 


Outdated Materials

The garage door industry may not change as fast as others, like the tech industry, but we do still see advancements all the time. In some cases, you may need to replace your garage door because your current system is old enough that replacement components can’t be found — especially in the case of garage door panels with specialty designs. You don’t want your garage door to look like a beater car with one wrong-colored door, do you? In these instances, your garage door repair technician will walk you through your options. 


Finding Experienced Garage Door Repair Help

The good news is that garage door replacements aren’t nearly as common as repairs. Most of the time, your local team can simply fix the component in question, so don’t stress about needing a full garage door replacement without calling for help! For experienced guidance as well as garage door repair and replacement services in Westbury, call the Danibul team today.