When a garage door comes off its tracks, that issue usually makes itself known pretty clearly — often by refusing to move, or panels moving unevenly. But not all garage door issues are that immediately clear. If you’re concerned that you need garage door repair, read on to explore the most common problems that can cause malfunctions and how to go about fixing them. For anyone in Greenlawn or the surrounding areas, connect with Danibul Garage Doors today for fast, experienced garage door repair services!


Loud Grinding Noises

Your garage door will always make some amount of noise when it opens and closes. This is simply because the garage door panels shift a bit as they move, and that causes the rollers to make noise as they roll along the tracks. However, if you start hearing louder grinding or squealing noises, this is a sign that something is going wrong. In simpler instances, it simply means that the squeaking part needs lubrication. However, that noise could also mean that the garage door panels are off-kilter or something is rubbing/grinding. Those instances may call for a garage door professional’s help to find and repair. 


The Garage Door Opener Doesn’t Work

The garage door opener is that electronic component up on the ceiling inside your garage, and it provides the power to actually raise and lower the door. If the garage door opener isn’t working, start by checking the power source. If everything is connected and it’s powered on, the issue is likely that it is struggling to pull the chain or drive screw that generates movement. Start by applying an appropriate lubricant to the chain or drive screw to help reduce friction. If that doesn’t help, there may be damage inside the garage door opener and you might need professional repair help. 


The Garage Door Only Opens a Bit, Then Closes

If this happens, it means that something is wrong with the mechanisms that move the garage door. If it’s the garage door opener, you’ll likely notice that your garage door doesn’t open at all. But if it opens a bit and then fails, it’s probably because the springs need to be replaced. The springs are what help make your heavy garage door panels easier for the garage door opener to pull, which is why you might see the door open a bit, but not fully. If this is happening, you’ll probably need to have the springs replaced by a local garage door repair technician. 


The Garage Door Remote Doesn’t Work

Does your remote refuse to open your garage door, no matter how close you are to the receiver? First things first, check that the batteries in the remote aren’t dead. If that doesn’t fix the issue, you may need a new remote, or to reprogram your existing one — which the manual will walk you through doing. 


Your Garage Floods When it Rains

Most of the time, garages are built on a bit of a slope so that rain and snow don’t seep in and flood your garage. However, if the weatherstripping has worn down, you may notice that your garage is colder than usual during the winter, or that snow melts and leaks into your garage. The good news is that this is an easy fix, and most home improvement stores sell weatherstripping by the foot so you can swap out the old for new. 


The Garage Door Closes Then Immediately Opens

One of the awesome parts of a garage door system are the pair of photo-eye sensors down near the bottom of the tracks on either side of your garage door. The pair of sensors create an unbroken, invisible line between them, and their role is to help prevent injuries to a person crossing that threshold as well as preventing damage to your vehicle. If those eyes aren’t perfectly aligned, or if one gets dirty, the signal between them is broken and this can make your garage door think there’s something in the way, even if there isn’t. If you check and they aren’t misaligned, however, you may need to have them checked over by a garage door repair professional, as it might have something to do with how the sensors connect to the garage door system as a whole. 


Rust is Forming

Garage doors are made to handle all kinds of weather — even wooden garage door panels, to an extent. So if you see rust growing on metal garage door panels, or on any of the interior components, this is a good sign that things aren’t as they ought to be. If you notice rust, you’ll want to clean and remove the rust then protect the area with a protective paint. In some cases, you may need to replace the rusting parts entirely, at which point you’ll want to contact your local garage door repair company. 

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