Most garage doors are, by and large, made to withstand a whole lot. In general, your garage door system — meaning the garage door itself and all of the hardware that makes it move — is designed to last somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 years. Some parts last longer than others, but garage doors see a lot of use throughout the year, so it’s inevitable that wear and tear will eventually happen. The good news is that garage doors are made to hold up against a lot of wear. The better news is that you can help your garage doors last longer with a bit of extra care. 

If you need garage door repair, maintenance, or replacement in Hampstead, trust your home to the experienced team at Danibul Garage Doors. We are local pros with years of experience and a high standard of quality that we bring to every single job. Connect with us to learn more, and keep these garage door care tips in mind to help your garage door system last longer: 


Keep an Eye Out for Issues

As we mentioned briefly, your garage door is designed to hold up pretty well on its own. The single best thing you can do to keep issues to a minimum is to simply be on the lookout for issues. This includes some pretty easy steps. Start by watching your garage door to make sure it opens and closes smoothly. If it moves in a jerking motion, this is a pretty good sign that something is malfunctioning. Your garage door should move smoothly and symmetrically, so if it doesn’t, you may need some garage door repair. 

Your garage door should also be relatively quiet as it moves. Yes, there will be a bit of noise as the rollers move up and down the tracks, but otherwise, you shouldn’t hear a whole lot when your garage door is in motion. If you can hear squealing, grinding, or scraping sounds, it’s probably time to do a bit of caretaking. 


Inspect the Rollers

The rollers are the little wheels attached to the garage door panels that keep your garage door moving smoothly along the tracks. If you want to keep your garage doors in great shape, take the time to inspect your rollers and the tracks at least twice a year. This is a common area for grime to build up, which can cause your rollers to wear down faster. When the tracks get gunky, it can also impact how well your garage doors can move, which can also make the garage door opener work harder. Garage door rollers generally last around 7 years, though some materials last longer than others. As you begin to see signs of wear and tear, replace those rollers to keep the whole system working well. While you’re at it, take a bit of time to clear out any grime that has built up along the tracks. This will help reduce the stress put on the opener and keep the rest of your garage door system keep functioning well.


Keep Everything Lubricated

Between the hinges, rollers, and tracks, there are several places in which your garage door components experience friction. This is totally normal, and how your garage door is made to function. But that does mean your garage door will occasionally need a little boost to keep running smoothly. Once or maybe twice a year, it can be helpful to go in and add a bit of extra lubricant to those moving parts. You can find the appropriate options at your standard home improvement store, so with a bit of easy effort, you can keep things running smoothly. Grab a lubricant for the overhead springs and a white lithium grease for the chain or screw your opener uses. There are some multi-use options, so talk to your local garage door repair team for suggestions based on your garage door. 

Get Professional Maintenance and Repairs

Whether you handle the ongoing care for your garage door yourself, or you want an experienced pro to do it for you, the important thing is making sure that maintenance actually gets done. If you’re looking for experienced garage door repairs or maintenance in Hampstead, NY, connect with your local pros at Danibul Garage Doors. Contact us today to learn more!