Most historic homes — and older homes in general — weren’t made with modern updates like electric garage doors in mind. While it makes sense why that is, it can be a hassle to try to get your home upgraded without removing the old charm that makes your home wonderful. What’s more, many older homes don’t even have a garage space, or if they do, it’s an older carriage house that may need some tweaking to get it to work for your modern needs. 

The good news is that it’s not actually that difficult to make modern electric garage doors work for historic homes. If you’re looking to bring your garage/carriage house into the modern day — or even build a new garage that matches your older home — here’s what you need to know. 


New Garage Door Installation

Whether you’re replacing an old, self-serve garage door with an electric-powered one, or you’re building a new garage, it can be tricky to find a good match for older homes. The good news is that the actual garage door installation process is pretty easy, and can be made to work for pretty much any space. You may think that garage doors come in standard sizes, and they do to an extent, especially in newer homes. However, there are plenty of older homes that need garage door help, and a huge range of homes with non-standard garage door sizes, so custom garage door panels can be made to fit any size and need. 

When it comes to garage door installation, converting from old manual doors is fairly simple. The technicians only need a bit of clearance on either side of the opening, a clear path along the ceiling, and a bit of access to the electrical wiring for the space. For an older detached carriage house or other structure that hasn’t been wired for electrical, talk to your garage door installation team about battery-powered options or other alternatives. 


Choosing A New Garage Door

There are a range of different colors, styles, and materials to choose from, leaving you with hundreds upon hundreds of different garage door options. Do you want the standard sectioned door that moves along a track, or do you want a pair of doors that swing open? Do you want standard steel, modernist glass, or a more luxurious wood option? The moral of the story is that new garage doors can be customized based on their function, materials, appearance, and your budget. When it comes time to choose your options, we highly recommend finding a garage door installer in your area — and specifically someone with experience working with historic homes, if that’s a concern for you. Local garage door installation teams, like Danibul Garage Doors here in Queens, will be knowledgeable about the architectural styles of the region and have the experience to help you best match your home’s appearance, no matter how old it is. 

Working with a professional garage door installation team is also a great way to make sure you’re getting the modern security features you want without compromising on style. For example, there are options for more-secure security codes and smart home connectivity. It’s also worth discussing what measures can be taken against the weather in your area. We get plenty of winter weather in Queens, and a garage door with a better insulation rating can help keep your garage more comfortable no matter how low the temperatures get. There are also great options to help kid-proof your garage door better to keep your little ones safe. 


Experienced Garage Door Installation Services

While there are do-it-yourself options for garage door installation, it’s generally better to leave that work to the pros unless you know what you’re doing — and that goes double for trying to match a historic or older home. By working with a professional garage door installation team, you can ensure that the work will be done quickly, and also that everything will be installed properly. This means stronger, more durable results that help boost the curb appeal of your home. If you’re in Queens or the surrounding areas, start by connecting with Danibul to schedule a consultation so we can discuss your garage door installation!