Having a new garage door installed is an exciting time. Whether you’re joining the modern age and finally upgrading to an electronically controlled system, or you’re updating garage doors to spruce up your Hampstead home’s exterior, fun, new things are coming your way! Want to make sure your garage door installation goes as seamlessly as possible? There are a few things you can do before the big day to make the actual installation go quickly and smoothly! Here are some steps you can take to help your garage door installation team: 

Make Way for Changes!

First things first, you’ll want to do what you can to give your garage door installers room to work. That means clearing any vehicles out of your garage so we can move around. Not only does this mean we can do our job more quickly and efficiently, but it also reduces the risk of damage to your vehicles. Basically, it’s a win-win to shuffle your cars out for a little while. 

While you’re at it, though, you should also make sure there is a clear path from the street to your garage. If you normally have big planters, garbage cans, or anything else in the area around your garage doors (either in your garage or outside of it), those things will need to get cleared away too. Make sure there’s clear access to your garage so we can get a truck and equipment to your garage without risk of damaging anything. 

Do a Little Spring Cleaning

Since you’re already moving things around to make room for your garage door installation crew to work, this is also a great time for some spring cleaning! Specifically, this is a great time to invest in some in-garage shelving, hooks, and other organizational tools. Since you’ll need to move everything away from the walls and remove anything hanging from the ceiling, now is the time to just dive in and do a full organizational overhaul! Get rid of old things you never use and sort things you plan to keep. That way, you can move everything into place quickly once your garage doors are finished being installed. 

Watch Your Kiddos

On the day of your install, you may want to find a way to keep your kiddos otherwise entertained. Watching us work can be interesting for kids, and we can answer some questions for them, but overall, it’s a good idea to keep your kids out of the garage. If your kids usually play in the garage, we recommend moving their toys to the yard or inside for safety’s sake.

Similarly, if you have pets, make sure you keep them safely tucked away somewhere else, as Fido under foot can be dangerous for us and for your furry friend. 

Local, Professional Garage Door Installation

When you’re ready for a change, connect with Danibul for garage door installation from your local Hampstead pros. Want to learn more? We’re happy to work with looks that range from modern to historic homes around Nassau County! Start with a free consultation to explore all the options available!