Do you still have to get out of your vehicle and open your garage door by hand? If so, it’s time to move into the modern age! Not only are automatic garage doors more helpful — which, in our minds, is the biggest benefit — but they’re also safer and more customizable. So what’s the holdup? 

Many people think that converting from a manual garage door to an automatic one is really hard. In actuality, it’s really not! If you’re ready to take the plunge in the Greenlawn area, connect with Danibul Garage Doors for experienced, professional garage door installation by a locally owned and operated company. Whether you’re local or not, here’s what you need to know about upgrading to an electronic garage door: 

New Garage Door Installation Isn’t Hard

One of the most common reasons people avoid upgrading their manual garage door to an automatic one is that they think it’s going to be a long, complicated, messy, expensive process. The good news is that it really isn’t any of those things! In theory, this upgrade is as easy as calling up your local garage door repair company and having an automatic garage door opener installed. The main structure of your garage door is already there, so all it takes, theoretically, is the installation of the electronic garage door opener, connecting it to your existing system, and adding safety sensors. 

Of course, if your manual garage door is as old as we think, it’s probably about time to upgrade it to something new anyway. Safety and usability features have improved a lot in the last few decades, so it’s worth discussing a total upgrade when you call your local garage door company. If you’re on the fence, here are a few big features that have come to automatic garage doors in the last couple of decades: 

Automatic Reversal

One of the best features is one that protects your kids and your vehicles. Automatic reversal is the built-in safety mechanism that prevents a garage door from dropping on anything that’s in the door’s path. Specifically, those two little sensors near the base of the garage door opening watch for movement, and if something crosses that path, your garage door will automatically rise up again. It’s a great security measure in case your toddler decides to bolt as the garage door is closing, but it’s also a solid way to ensure that your vehicle isn’t damaged by something that isn’t covered by most insurance policies. 

Better Overall Security

Modern garage door openers tend to rely on a “rolling code” opening/closing feature. This is a change from older openers, which used a single code to function. What this means, essentially, is that newer garage door openers are much harder to “spoof” open, making it harder for thieves to break in through your garage door. 

Quieter Operation

Manual garage doors are noisy. This isn’t necessarily a problem if you work a traditional 9–5 job, but any time you need to open or close your garage door outside of those hours, you’re probably keeping someone awake. New garage door installation brings a whole new level of quiet thanks to a cable operation system. Indeed, if noise is really a concern, we recommend talking about different garage door roller options with your technician to see how else the process can be made quieter. 

Improved Insulation

It can get cold in the Greenlawn area when winter hits. If that cold tends to leak from your garage into your home and makes your utility bills skyrocket, it’s time to do something about it! A new garage door installation can actually provide better insulation against extreme temperatures. You can opt for doors with included insulation paneling, but even without, the garage door installation process ensures that your new door is nicely fitted, which helps keep the cold at bay. 

Curb Appeal Boost

Your garage doors make up, on average, a third or more of your home’s facade. Now imagine what that old, dingy door is doing for your home’s aesthetics. New garage door installation can provide a serious curb-appeal boost and even help improve your home’s appraisal value. 

Are you ready to make a move and transition to an automatic garage door? Connect with Danibul Garage Doors for installation and more in the Greenlawn area!